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Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Posted on Jan 2, 2015 by in Family Fun

Fossil Rim Zebra

We recently moved to Texas and have had the great opportunity to entertain many family members on their visits.  We have stumbled upon a great hidden treasure.  This place is a non-profit wildlife conservation facility.  There are over 50  species of wildlife.  The 9.5 mile scenic trip takes about 3 hours to drive through and it is well worth the time.  This experience is great for all ages.  We have taken children and adults for this great activity and all have loved it.  It is a bit pricey but it is an adventure that you have never encountered I can guarantee it.  Upon entry to the park you are given food to feed all of the wildlife you encounter and the animals are not shy,  at times our car was surrounded by 15 or more species of wildlife.  The further you get into the park you will come upon Zebra’s and Giraffe’s and believe me they are not shy either.  They will approach your car wanting food.  It is very comical.  We have discovered that one of the zebra’s has his own style and personality as he stands back and opens his mouth so you can toss the food in.  We have encountered this zebra every time we have been there and he is quite entertaining.  The cover picture and the video are both him.  The scenery is breathtaking and half way through the park there is a great little café that you can stretch your legs at as well as a petting zoo for the younger children to enjoy.  We love the aspect of this park because the animals are not enclosed in small cages and are free to roam and they are beautiful.  If you are ever in Texas please visit Fossil Rim in Glen Rose, Texas.