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Our Thing

Posted on May 19, 2015 by in Christian Life

I am laughing as I have dragged my husband into yet another one of my things.  I feel sorry for him because when I am passionate about something he is usually the one who “suffers”.  I have the opportunity to start a store where I sell all things up cycled and I have a passion for it.  I have always cringed at the thought of people discarding things that were still of value. When we decided to start this business, I had nothing to even start with so I had to “gently” inform my hubby that we needed to hit as many estate and garage sales as we could on Saturday mornings.  Oh yes he was so very excited.  He kind of half smiled and said, “sure we can do that”, with dread in his voice.

I was so very excited for that first Saturday to arrive that I was up extra early and couldn’t wait to get going.  While my husband still lay asleep in bed I stared at him and willed him to open  his eyes.  That didn’t work so then I begin to be a bit loud in the bathroom until he opens his eyes and I smile and say oh good you are awake.  I am somewhat hurt as he doesn’t share my enthusiasm for the adventure we are about to take.  I can see that he is getting ready and he is just doing this to make his wife happy.  The first step that I inform him is to map out our day on the computer and that way we can be efficient in our mission.  Well we get into the car and GPS the first sale and then I inform him that we have to swing by Starbucks to make this a successful day.  He glares at me and reluctantly we swing through drive through and I coach him on how to order a “Grande latte” and he say’s cant you just say small, medium or large. He decides to order an iced tea and its a whole process with that too, evidently the word “venti” pushes him over the edge.  It’s so funny we get to the first sale and he is practily running ahead of me and he scopes out some great stuff that I didn’t even see.  I laugh because we begin to settle into this great groove by the third sale, we play good cop-bad cop with price haggling.  I hated being the good cop so at the next sale I got to play bad cop and got a great deal on a chair.  I catch him watching me out of the corner of my eye while I haggle for a price and he is smirking at me with true love.  The first weekend was a huge success.  The next Saturday rolls around and he is up before me and we are ready and out the door for another day of dealing.  I was impressed that even as he half heartedly went through the Starbucks drive through it didn’t take much coaching on my end with the Grande’s and Venti’s he was almost a pro at gourmet coffee ordering.  I looked over at him and realize we have a “thing”.  Wow, this is our “thing”.  I was uber excited and he just laughed at me and said yes honey we have a “thing” now.

I couldn’t have begun this new journey without the help of my husband!  He has encouraged me and lifted me up every step of the way.  I laugh at the way I enter a room and say honey do we have a staple gun?  I see him drop his head and smile and say now what are you doing?  Love this man!

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