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Prescription For Kindness

Posted on May 5, 2015 by in Christian Life, God Winks

My day started off with a phone call to my insurance company to find out why my medication wasn’t shipping.  I was already irritated beyond measure when I finally got a live representative on the phone, which I hate that word now as I had to say it 5 million times to the automated phone system.  I asked the representative to explain to me why my medications had gone from 321.00 for 180 pills to 1080.00 for 180 pills.  Her uncaring response was that is just the price ma’am.  That was not the response I wanted and proceeded to get upset with her and could see she wasn’t even going to attempt to help me.  I asked to talk to her supervisor and I had lots of time to calm down and think as I was on hold for 20 minutes.  My call was finally answered in the order in which it was received (apparently) as it was repeated to me many times.  I told the supervisor my dilemma and wanted to know why my medicine had jumped so much?  His delightful answer was one of sheer avoidance.  I was basically told that he couldn’t give me an answer so I proceeded to ask what I was supposed to do.  I began to cry and ask what if this was your wife and these meds were not an option for her as they kept her liver functioning?  The epitome of customer service happened when he hung up on me.  I guess I hit a bit to close to home for him.


I then began to price shop the big pharmacies Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, I still was getting the same price as the insurance company gave me.  I decided to try smaller pharmacies and to my surprise they were half the price.  I then went out on a limb and tried a brand new pharmacy that just opened next to Walgreens.  My husband and I had seen this new pharmacy being built and said many times why would you build next to Walgreens?  I walked into the little Pharmacy and was immediately greeted by a person who saw me as a person.  I handed her my prescription bottle and told her my problem with tears in my eyes.  The Pharmacists came out and sat down with me and said lets see what we can do.  He made several calls and  he cut the price by more than half.  I was treated with such kindness and respect that I was floored.  This Pharmacist actually cared that I needed this medication and it wasn’t an option and he did all he could to make that happen.  A prescription for kindness was given to me today and I will pray daily for this little pharmacy to exceed all of its expectations and then some.

When you are kind to others, you help yourself.  When you are cruel to others, you hurt yourself.  ~Proverbs 11:17~ (MSG)


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