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Selfie Stick?

Posted on Jan 5, 2015 by in Trending

Narcissism: a pursuit of a gratification from vanity or egotistical admiration of ones own attributes.


Selfie: a photo taken by oneself to post on a social media site.


I was watching a morning program and they were talking about new and inventive products.  The great product they were talking about was the “selfie stick”.  I thought to myself, do we need a product that promotes our society to take more pictures of themselves?  As I cruise facebook and see all the “selfies” posted I think, yes we all know you drink alcohol, yes we all know you have cleavage,  yes we all know you can make duck lips, but why?  I am concerned that the self esteem is tied to how many likes we get with our selfie or lack of.  God help us if the “selfie stick” ever takes hold as we will all be standing in line at a department store and have to move out of the way for someone to get that great selfie stick angle.  I would like to give some advice to all the selfie addicts in the world.  I propose that you turn the camera around and snap a picture or two of your surroundings and really look at who and what is around you.  It is a beautiful world and you are missing out with all the focus on yourself.   Yes you may use your seflie stick to do this.