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Posted on Nov 28, 2015 by in Christian Life, Trending

Thanks Giving

Rich: having wealth or great possessions: abundantly supplied with resource, means, or funds: wealthy.

Thanksgiving is here and many of us are blessed to be seated at a table with an abundance of food and our family members at arms length, what a wonderful day.

I realized how truly rich I am and how rich most of the American population is. I had never thought about what it meant to be rich as I always thought of someone who was much more wealthy than myself. I have let this concept reside in my brain for about a week now and it is actually quite disturbing to me. You may not think you are rich but most of us are.  The examples are very eye opening if you can afford to go to the dentist, you are rich. If you can go to the Dr. for medical care , you are rich. If you can pay a babysitter for a night out, you are rich. If you can get a Starbucks you are rich.

I never gave much thought to the fact that I can get my teeth fixed or medical care without hesitation. I rarely thought about my Starbucks as I  purchase it through an app on my new phone while sitting in my car.  I am getting to a point not bragging. How many of you are right where I am? We have so many things in our lives but are we content? We are always striving for the next new thing. When we get a new phone or car or home is it because we used them until they didn’t work anymore? or did we get new just because we wanted it?

I will be the first to admit that many of the things I have purchased were not due to the fact I had used them to the fullest .  Why is it that we are not content with all we have? The reason for discontent is due to the fact that we’re not grateful for what we have. The act of being thankful is more that just saying thank you. Did you ever just sit and think about how you’ve come to be? I began to think how I achieved all that I have and it wasn’t on my own, God gave me the skills and ability to achieve what I have and what he has given he can take away from me, easily! I realize that I need to give thanks to God for all I have and be a better steward with it. What I have been blessed with I need to bless it forward and that is not always an easy task. The spoiled child in me rears its ugly head and  really resents sharing, but God shared his blessings so that I can bless others as well.

This past week I’ve made a conscious attempt to be thankful for everything such as just being healthy enough to do small tasks in my home to thankfulness for all that is bestowed on me. The more thankful I am, the more appreciative I am, the more my level of entitlement seems to drop and I want to share my blessings with others.

The world we live in does not help with the lesson of thankfulness as we are bombarded with messages of how we need the best, biggest, brightest next new thing to be happy.   If we place our trust in God and keep our eye on what he would want us to do it does get easier. I need to realize what God has given me .  I need to be a good steward and manage it with respect, as I came into this world with nothing and I will leave it with nothing. I placed the definition at the top of this post and I think the definition needs to be changed.

Rich: having wealth or great possessions: abundantly supplied with resource, means, or funds: wealthy in GOD

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