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Whispers Of Hope

Posted on Mar 30, 2015 by in Book Reviews, Christian Life

Whispers of Hope

Spring is kind of my resolution time.  I see the plants starting to bloom new blooms and I feel I need new blooms to share with those I love.  Books are one of my downfalls next to chocolate.  I love devotional books and I have many to choose from at any given time, so when I ran upon this Beth Moore devotional I was intrigued at how different it was from all the others.  I like the format of this book as you can write in it as a journal which I enjoy doing.  Wow, the best of both my nerdy obsessions.

The name of this book is Whispers Of Hope by Beth Moore.  If you’ve ever done a Beth Moore study, you know she is driven and her studies are intense.  This 10 week devotional centers around the world of prayer and how to achieve a great prayer life.  This is seventy days of devotional praying.  This takes about 35 minutes in the morning which is my preference as my mind isn’t cluttered with the day yet.  I work in an environment where I need to always have prayer in my heart as I deal with many poor and hurting families.

Whispers Of Hope helps me organize my prayers for my family and myself and how to appropriate who and how you pray for them all.   This book keeps all that in focus as well as what our mission on earth is really all about.  Prayerful Lives Are Powerful Lives~Beth Moore.

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