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Writing In The Margins

Posted on Mar 30, 2015 by in Book Reviews, Christian Life

Writing in the margins

I stumbled upon this book at our local Lifeway book store and was instantly drawn to it.  I came from a home that believed in Jesus but never discussed in depth what that was all about.  I had a bible but was taught that to write in it would desecrate it (like it came from the Pope himself).  You placed it on a shelf and that was it.

I attended a church a few years ago called “The River” and our Pastor encouraged us to dive into the Bible and mark it up make it your own.  Wait What??  Did I hear that right?  So with great caution I went home to try this new thing called “marking your Bible up”, praying as I put my pen to the Psalms I wouldn’t get struck by lightening.  What do you know I am still alive.  I have never looked back and my Bible is a collage of colors and markers with what was speaking to me at the time I was reading those passages.

The Name of the book I found is called “Writing In The Margins” by Lisa Nichols Hickman.  This book has given me so many more ideas of how to make my bible talk to me and be even more personal that it was previously.  The author takes you through exercises on how to achieve the marking of the margins to accommodate your style and personality.  I liked the author’s idea to write in the margins of a bible and give it as a one of a kind gift, so much I am off to buy a few wide margin bibles and begin the gifts that will speak volumes!

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