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Yankee In The Bible Belt 2.0

Posted on May 19, 2015 by in Christian Life

I woke up last night and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I started thinking of why am I writing a blog.  I realize that I have stumbled upon what my blog really is.  I’ve been granted an opportunity to start a new adventure and I am so excited about it that I could burst.  I usually jump into things with all I have, but this I am Mach 10 on fire.  This endeavor has been a passion of mine for many many years but I just didn’t know how to get it all off the ground.  I have had the great blessing of meeting some amazing women who have done nothing but keep pushing me forward and lifting me up every step of the way.

I am starting a store that sells all things repurposed and want to save things that are being discarded and give them another shot at life.  I see things in a different light than most people, especially now.  I see past what something was and now I look to see what it could be.  I have gone from no pieces in my collection to 21 loved and cared for pieces that were headed for the graveyard.  I get very attached to each piece that I beautify.  Yes they even have names.  That is where my blog comes in.  I have a story for each piece I do and a name and it will be sold with a tag that you can read about that piece and what its destiny was and how it has a new lease on life.  I will include before and after pictures to see how they have transformed.  This is also a lesson in our own daily lives.  We all have a story of how we felt like curbside trash on the way to the landfill.  When we have had to repurpose ourselves and begin a new life.  I encourage each and everyone of you to step out and repurpose yourselves and start a new.

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